Krzysztof Swiatczak is a graduate of the XXXII high school in Lodz where he was a double titled semi-finalist in the Polish Physics Olympiad.

From 2010 to 2016 he studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Technology in Lodz. He graduated as a Master Engineer Architect.

For a living Krzysztof is a CG artist, specialising in both 2D and 3D techniques. He designs interiors, websites and creates short advertising films. He still finds time to devote to his parkour and free running movie series.

Between 2010 and 2014 he taught how to draw architecture. His great loves are French Gothic Cathedrals and Viennese Secession Tenement Houses.

As an architect he shares his approach with his idol, Ludvig Mies Van Der Rohe who believed “less is more”.


architecture and visualisations


DSLR films


promarker and fineliner


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  • - graphic designer at TME transfer multisort elektronik (till now)
  • - artistic director at PerfektCUT
  • - complex visual setting and creating positive images of competitors at PerfektCUT
  • - owner of vividCGskies collection at


  • - advertising movies for 1st international Biennale
  • - advertising for New Plaster Cut - Sebastian Grochocki
  • - CG artist at Kropki Kreski studio


  • - CG artist and architect at Mondra Design
  • - architekt at MWM Projekt
  • - master degree studies at Łódź University Of Technology, faculty: architecture and urban planning
  • - engineer architect diploma at Łódź University Of Technology, faculty: architecture and urban planning


  • - drawing teacher at ""
  • - technical artist at Cheil Germany Samsung GmbH
  • - illustration in prof. Nina Juzwa's book
  • - exhibition of arch. visualisations and animation of tenement house on Pomorska 21 st. Łódź


  • - creating blueprints of Regional center of investigating and documenting the scheduled buildings in Łódź.
  • - cooperation with
  • - illustrations for "Ale technika" PWN


  • - webdesign and advertising for "GlasShock"
  • - art exhibition in "PAN" - Paris
  • - drawing on "PAN's" magazine cover


  • - webdesign for BDR
  • - advertising movie for - currently
  • - illustrations in "Kraina sztuki" book by PWN
  • - semi-finalist of LIX Polish physics olympiad


  • - semi-finalist of LVIII Polish physics olympiad
  • - art contest "tęcza" - finalist